The portrait of Ashley was created by studio artist Tommy Tyler.

Ashley Pauley, Studio Director

Ashley Pauley was born and raised in Columbus and has been involved in the arts since childhood, finishing her junior and senior years of high school in the vocational Fine Arts program at Ft. Hayes.

Ashley then began working at Recreation Unlimited, a camp for children and adults with disabilities, and her passion for creating art with a purpose grew from there. She then studied Graphic Design and graduated with high honors in 2006, but her true dream was to someday work in the Fine Arts field. Her two passions finally united at Open Door where she started her career in February 2008.

Her excitement for the arts and enthusiasm for working with people with disabilities are currently reflected in her work as the Studio Director. Her love for illustration and spray paint can be seen in her personal art work, usually featuring fearsome and funny monsters and robots.


The portrait of Allison was created by studio artist Bernadette Martin.

Allison Buenger, Media Specialist/Art Facilitator

Allison Buenger graduated from Ohio State University in 2009.  She attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in ceramics.

Her artistic focus in school tended toward the sculptural and she often incorporated other mediums in addition to ceramics. She continues to create both two- and three-dimensional work, depending on the project or idea.

Originally from Hartville in northeastern Ohio, she has been interested in art since middle school and has continually sought out art experiences. In addition to working at Open Door Art Studio, she is a member of CAW (Creative Arts of Women) and serves on the steer committee for that organization.


The portrait of Sharon was created by studio artist Wallace Peck.

Sharon Dorsey, Volunteer Coordinator/ Art Facilitator

Sharon Dorsey has been involved in the local art scene in Columbus for many years and is proud to have her artwork in collections world-wide.

She is a founding member of Mother Artists at Work (MAW), a non-profit association of mothers working in the arts.

Her artwork often blurs the line between art and craft. She uses a blend of traditional craft supplies, found items, and occasionally taxidermy supplies to assemble detailed fine art pieces.

In addition to creating her signature puppets, plush items, and art dolls, she also enjoys painting and writing. Her work leans toward the dark and creepy, but often incorporates an intentional uplifting message.


The portrait of Cody was created by studio artist Brenda Blankenship.

Cody Heichel Supplies Coordinator/ Art Facilitator

Cody Heichel is a watercolor artist residing in Columbus Ohio. Since childhood, he has always had an interest in fine art, and it continued to be the focus of his formal education. He furthered his training by enrolling in community classes at The Wayne Center for the Arts and attending numerous workshops hosted by key members of the American Watercolor Society.

A large portion of his work is focused on the urban setting, so naturally life in the city provides him with endless inspiration. His loose and impressionistic style paintings aim to capture the mood and essence of the subject, rather than focusing on the meticulous details of each setting.

He is currently represented by The Marcia Evans Gallery in Columbus, as well as Copper Top Gallery in Loudonville, Ohio. In addition to working at Open Door Art Studio, he is an Active Member of The Ohio Watercolor Society, as well as a member of The Ohio Art League.

The portrait of Sean was created by studio artist Brandon Boggs.

Sean Moore, Gallery Facilitator / Art Facilitator

Sean Moore is a Columbus native who has had a passion for the arts since adolescence.  He graduated with honors from The Ohio State University in 2011, obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in photography.

His mediums range from the two-dimensional to the three-dimensional, working with photography, mixed media collage, and sculpture. Regardless of the medium, his work utilizes the visual language of the fashion industry to explore concepts relating to idealism, body dysmorphia, and gender socialization.

Sean has been facilitating art programs for individuals with developmental disabilities for the past ten years and is overjoyed to be part of the Open Door community!


The portrait of Tim was created by studio artist Jenny DeBrier.

Tim Cook, Studio Artist Direct Support Professional

Tim Cook is a 2010 graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design where he received his BFA in Fine Arts with a minor in Photography.

Originally from Canton, Ohio, he has lived in Columbus for seven years and is very active throughout the local art community. His current works utilize photography and watercolor.

From a very early age, Tim has been interested in art and is ecstatic to be able to share his skills with the studio artists at Open Door. Tim has always looked up to his late high school art teacher, Mr. Lit and is excited to inspire others the way he once was.


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