The Open Door Art Studio was inspired by artist and long time resident of Park West Court Apartments Ralph Bell (1913-1995). Ralph made a lasting impression on everyone who had the honor of knowing him.

He especially had an impact on CCHS Director Dona England-Afek. Ralph and Dona had a lasting and devoted friendship that eventually became the inspiration for Open Door Art Studio.

Ralph, who suffered from cerebral palsy, was tragically institutionalized at the age of ten. Ralph continued to live in the institutional setting until late in life when he was relocated to Park West Court Apartments.

It was then that Ralph had the fortunate experience of working with a studio artist at a day habilitation program.

From there his ability as an artist was discovered and his expressive freedom flourished. Ralph had a rewarding and celebrated career as an artist with work displayed in private collections and museums around the country.

Ralph is an inspirational example of overcoming limitations and realizing potential.

The Open Door Studio is dedicated to overcoming limitations and giving individuals with disabilities the opportunity to discover their own expressive freedom.

ODAS is a division of Columbus Center for Human Services, Inc (CCHS).  Learn more about the service provided by CCHS.

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